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Plant Based Love

Meet Tracey 


Tracey is a Plant-Based Wholefood Chef who is passionate about creating, enjoying and sharing delicious and nourishing plant-based food with others. As a working mother of four fabulous young adults (and now grandmother to four!), Tracey knows just how important it is to create simple meals that taste awesome and don’t demand too much of your time. Her signature style is rustic, delicious, colourful and easy-to-throw-together.

Tracey instinctually stopped eating red meat at age 16. She has always enjoyed the creative aspects of cooking (like crafting her own dishes from scratch) and also making food look gorgeous! She credits her Mum for the latter passion as she was super-talented at making food look amazing while Tracey was growing up, and she admired and saw how much people enjoyed this. In her early 20’s, it wasn’t unusual for her to spend all day preparing a dinner party for her university friends, loving the ritual of creating an epic meal for her special people and connecting over good food. She connected and got together with strict plant-eater Jason Shon Bennett in her late 20s and making food for them both (and their kids) changed how she saw ingredients, flavours, mixes and dishes. Plants became everything and she began a new foodie adventure which was the catalyst to her love affair with legumes! 

“Confession – I’m addicted to Tracey’s fabulous plant-based workshops! I’ve now been to three and feel very confident in cooking these easy plant-based recipes, as does my husband who attended two of them with me. It’s such a fun day with Tracey and like-minded people; cooking, eating and taking in all the awesome information that Tracey has to share. On a couple of occasions Tracey’s hubby Jason (well know author/health researcher/speaker) has popped in and talked with us all about health and living your best life! The workshops are relaxed and fun, and for a non-cook gal like myself, new to a plant-based diet this was very appealing. Can’t wait for the next one!!” – Monique.

five gray spoons filled with assorted-color powders near chilli

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops


One of Tracey’s passions is teaching half day and one day cooking classes from her home kitchen out West and venues in Central Auckland. They are super fun, super relaxed and the feel and vibe of the day is sharing, learning feasting and laughter. Her topics range from main meals, decadent desserts, sensational salads, delicious raw treats and more.

Plant-Based Catering


Tracey absolutely loves catering for special events in the wellness industry. When people are doing retreats or workshops to enhance themselves or their life experience, Tracey knows how important the food and nourishmentcomponent is.  With that in mind, she takes great pleasure and delight in going above and beyond to create super delicious and highly nutritious menus for groups on workshops or retreats.    

sliced carrots and green vegetable

“I hired Tracey Bennett, aka The Reckless Foodie to cater for a five-day residential Tantra Training. Tracey was in charge of organising the menu, all the food, and being on-site for the five days to prepare, cook and clean-up the food. It was such a delight to handover all aspects to Tracey, trusting that she would deliver exactly what was needed. The food was outstanding; she delivered a wonderful nourishing variety, beautifully presented, and her presence in the kitchen and in the house was warm, energising and supportive. Everybody loved the food, and each meal turned into an event. The cake she made us for our final celebration was outstanding! Through the entire process of negotiation, delivery and invoicing, Tracey was easy to deal with. Her communication skills are excellent and she thoroughly understood the brief and what was needed at all times. I would highly recommend hiring The Reckless Foodie for your next event”- Kara-Leah Grant, Tantra Teacher, Presenter, Author, 2020.